Monday, October 28, 2013

Some sample outlines from today:

1.   Introduction- ?
a.   Who you are talking about…
2.   Main Conclusion of this Author
a.   Minor conclusions
3.   Reasons or Arguments in Favor of this Author’s Main Conclusions
a.   Reasons or Arguments in Favor of this Author’s Minor Conclusions
4.   Evaluations of the Arguments
5.   Objections Discussed
a.   Your response to whatever the author says about the objections (?)
6.   Responses to the Objections
7.   Conclusion

1.    Introduction
a.     Main topic Written by TA
                                                             i.      Argument by TA
                                                           ii.      Argument By TA
b.    Thesis is our personal response to the TA’s article
2.    Argument by TA
a.     Our argument  response
3.    Argument by TA
a.     Our argument response
4.    Overall Personal opinion on Argument
5.    Conclusion
a.     Briefly talk about each of the arguments you discussed in the paper and the conclusions you came up with

b.    Give ending statement
This Wednesday, we are meeting in the library with the librarian, Mr. Brad Ost. In Room 202A.
He will help us review the resources for research in philosophy. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's notes

Story: Harrison Bergeron

Notes on topics:

1.    Human organ and Tissue transplants – SETH
-         Having babies for the purpose of creating organs
-         Artificial tissues?
2.    Artificial Insemination in test tube babies
a.     Is it OK to do this when there many many children who need to be adopted?
b.    Is it OK to select traits? “Human Enhancements”
3.    Euthanasia
4.    Invitro fertilization –
a.     Whatever the leftover embryos ? “embryo research”
b.    “moral status of embryos”? what to do about leftovers from in vitro fertilization? Are they ok to experiment on?
5.    Artificial insemination

Human Enhancements /mood personality/intelligence/ physical/ life longevity

6.     compensating athletes after college and professional careers?

bioethics and media
race and bioethics ; race and reproductive rights; forced sterilization?


Friday, October 18, 2013

A flyer for this event, with graphics, is available here: 

 Homecoming Philosophy Presentation and Discussion
"The Value of Philosophy and its Application to the African-American Community"

John Torrey, Ph.D candidate in Philosophy, University of Memphis, Morehouse Class of 2009, &
William Allen Ph.D candidate in Philosophy, University of Memphis, BA, Emory, MA, GSU
John Torrey will dispel many common myths about the academic field of philosophy. He will argue that there is value – of many kinds – in studying philosophy, especially at the graduate level. William Allen will discuss how John Rawls’ influential theory of justice is relevant to the African-American community. He argues that African-American philosophy, and African-American philosophers, are needed in academia and to help address pressing social problems.

Thursday October 24
2:25 pm - 3:40 pm
Wheeler 214
A flyer for this event, with graphics, is available here: 

New Assignments

Some assignments:

1. For Monday, please bring in a list of least 3 bioethical issues that you might want to explore for a final project. The end goal here will be that you develop a paper that you could present at a local student philosophy conference, of which there are at least two coming up.

2. For Wednesday, please bring in the search results for (a) Google Scholar, (b) the Philosophers Index (available through the AUC library) and PubMed on these three (or three other) issues.

3. We have read a number of writings on abortion: Beckwith (who mentions Boonin), Warren and Nobis (who discusses Judith Thompson). I would now like you to write an argumentative paper that (a) carefuly presents and explains the main arguments from at least one of these authors and (b) explains whether these arguments are sound or not.

Here is the Thompson article, edited down a bit:

This is such an important article that I think we should read it in class!

For next Wednesday, please bring a very detailed outline of your paper. This will provide the overall structure for your paper, "the forest for the trees," the parts for the whole.

The final version of the paper will be due a week from next Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Due Wednesday: a detailed outline of the Warren writing on abortion.

You need to be able to say what her main conclusions are. The topic is, obviously, abortion.
You need to be able to say what her reasons are. Why does she accept the conclusions that she does? What are her arguments?

What objections does she consider? How does she respond to them?

What contrary or alternative views does she discuss? 

Writing Philosophy

Read this, please!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Assignment Due Monday

Due Monday: summary and reaction to Pence chapters 3, 4, 5, 6 [note: chapter 3 was already assigned, so what was intended was chpaters 4, 5 and 6]

What in these chapters would you like to read more about and discuss more?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Extra Credit Event

An Extra Credit Event

The ethics program at Agnes Scott College presents its 2013-14 lecture series:

October 15: Gillian Hue, "Neuroethics: An Overview"

7:30 pm, Letitia Pate Evans Hall, Rooms ABC 

Gillian Hue is a postdoctoral fellow in Science Education and Ethics in the Program in Science and Society, and a Program Associate in the Neuroethics Program at Emory University. She earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience from Washington College in Chestertown, MD. She completed her doctoral research in Neuroscience at Emory University. In her current position, Dr. Hue teaches research ethics for scientists, and develops curricula to promote science literacy and ethical engagement across a range of educational levels.

If you go, you must be on time and take detailed notes and write a reaction which you submit in class after the event.