Thursday, November 14, 2013

No class Friday; for Monday

We will not have class Friday so that you can work on your assignments, some of which might be late.
Please contact me by Monday by email with extensive details about your final project.

We have read classic articles in bioethics by
- James Rachels,
- Francis Beckwith (not a 'classic', but important nevertheless), with a mention of David Boonin,
- Mary Anne Warren,
- Judith Thompson,
- Tom Regan,
- Tibor Machan,
- some papers by Nathan Nobis on various issues (not quite classics ..)

Most of these papers and authors continue to be discussed. For a final project you could find some recent criticism or objection of these authors, or a more recent article by some of these authors, and explain whether the objection or criticism is a good one or not. That could easily result in a conference-worthy presentation!

Or you could do a topic that we haven't yet discussed much.

Contact me by Monday with a detailed plan. Monday we might discuss that article of mine on animal experimentation that I handed out the other day.

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