Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's notes

Story: Harrison Bergeron

Notes on topics:

1.    Human organ and Tissue transplants – SETH
-         Having babies for the purpose of creating organs
-         Artificial tissues?
2.    Artificial Insemination in test tube babies
a.     Is it OK to do this when there many many children who need to be adopted?
b.    Is it OK to select traits? “Human Enhancements”
3.    Euthanasia
4.    Invitro fertilization –
a.     Whatever the leftover embryos ? “embryo research”
b.    “moral status of embryos”? what to do about leftovers from in vitro fertilization? Are they ok to experiment on?
5.    Artificial insemination

Human Enhancements /mood personality/intelligence/ physical/ life longevity

6.     compensating athletes after college and professional careers?

bioethics and media
race and bioethics ; race and reproductive rights; forced sterilization?


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