Monday, October 28, 2013

Some sample outlines from today:

1.   Introduction- ?
a.   Who you are talking about…
2.   Main Conclusion of this Author
a.   Minor conclusions
3.   Reasons or Arguments in Favor of this Author’s Main Conclusions
a.   Reasons or Arguments in Favor of this Author’s Minor Conclusions
4.   Evaluations of the Arguments
5.   Objections Discussed
a.   Your response to whatever the author says about the objections (?)
6.   Responses to the Objections
7.   Conclusion

1.    Introduction
a.     Main topic Written by TA
                                                             i.      Argument by TA
                                                           ii.      Argument By TA
b.    Thesis is our personal response to the TA’s article
2.    Argument by TA
a.     Our argument  response
3.    Argument by TA
a.     Our argument response
4.    Overall Personal opinion on Argument
5.    Conclusion
a.     Briefly talk about each of the arguments you discussed in the paper and the conclusions you came up with

b.    Give ending statement

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