Friday, October 18, 2013

New Assignments

Some assignments:

1. For Monday, please bring in a list of least 3 bioethical issues that you might want to explore for a final project. The end goal here will be that you develop a paper that you could present at a local student philosophy conference, of which there are at least two coming up.

2. For Wednesday, please bring in the search results for (a) Google Scholar, (b) the Philosophers Index (available through the AUC library) and PubMed on these three (or three other) issues.

3. We have read a number of writings on abortion: Beckwith (who mentions Boonin), Warren and Nobis (who discusses Judith Thompson). I would now like you to write an argumentative paper that (a) carefuly presents and explains the main arguments from at least one of these authors and (b) explains whether these arguments are sound or not.

Here is the Thompson article, edited down a bit:

This is such an important article that I think we should read it in class!

For next Wednesday, please bring a very detailed outline of your paper. This will provide the overall structure for your paper, "the forest for the trees," the parts for the whole.

The final version of the paper will be due a week from next Wednesday.

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