Monday, September 30, 2013

Assignment: Introduction and Outline for Rachels paper

James Rachels' "Active and Passive Euthanasia" is one of the most famous papers in bioethics. According to Google Scholar, the article has been discussed or cited by other authors over 500 times.

Although relatively short, the article is complex: it has parts that create the whole.

Your task for this assignment is to write an introduction of a paper that explains Rachels's main (and sub) conclusion(s) and his arguments for those conclusions. Your introduction should explain everything that you will do in the paper in good detail. And you should create an outline for the body and conclusion of the paper that covers every important issue and argument made in Rachels' paper. You should briefly explain in each section of the outline what you will do in that section and how it relates to the overall purpose(s) of your paper.

The challenge for this assignment involves seeing the "forest for the trees" and the "trees for the forest." That is, each part of Rachels' paper - often each paragraph, or set of paragraphs - contributes to the whole of the paper. Part of your task with this project is, by way of this outline, for you to show how each part fits into the overall whole.

But first, read and re-read this article by Pryor:
Make sure that you have read the first 3 sections of the Harvard Writing Book, ideally the whole thing.

Due Monday Oct 7.

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