Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Final project assignment!

Final project assignment for Bioethics

  1. Find a bioethical topic of interest.
  2. Find a scholarly article that argues for a position on that issue, or an aspect of that issue, published within the last 3 years.  
    1. Check the Philosophers’ Index, Google Scholar, Medline / PubMed and other search tools identified by the librarian, Brad Ost.
    2. If you can find a recent article that has been responded to in the scholarly literature, that might be even better.
  3. Write a critical response paper where you explain the main argument(s) from the paper and critically evaluate it (or them ). To do this you must carefully state the argument in logically valid form, explain the reasons the author gives for each premise, and then explain whether you think these given reasons are good reasons or not, in light of your objections and counter-arguments. See “Guidelines on Writing Philosophy”:
  4. This should all be written in a manner that someone who knows little about the issue can read your paper and understand it. The paper should be carefully written, revised multiple times.
  5. This paper should be approximately 3000 words, an ideal length to present at an undergraduate research in philosophy or ethics conference, and/or to submit to a student journal. And it can be likely used as your senior thesis or part of it.
  6. You will also give a presentation on your paper, again for an audience that knows little about these topics.

Even more details forthcoming!

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