Friday, August 30, 2013

DUE NOW Wednesday, 9/4:: WITHOUT READING ANYTHING ABOUT THESE TOPICS – E.G., DO NOT SEARCH THE INTERNET – please write a short (2-3 page) essay that (1) identifies a bioethical issue and (2) presents at least three arguments in favor of a stated conclusion about this issue.

Please write this essay on the basis of what you already know: again, please do not do any research for this paper (if you do, Turnitin might reveal that and you will be penalized!). This is an assignment to measure where you are at now. If you take it seriously and put in a good effort, your grade will reflect that. 

Assignment given Friday

This assignment was given Friday, due Monday or Wednesday (now Wednesday, 9/4):
Please write a short piece that answers these questions, and any other related questions you'd like to discuss:

  • Why are you taking a philosophy course, or why have you taken philosophy courses?
  • What benefits can come from philosophy courses?
  • How would you best achieve these benefits, that is, make it most likely that you get these benefits?
  • How will you make the most of your courses so that they best contribute to your meeting your goals, both short and long term?

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