Friday, October 7, 2011

Concerns about your paper that is due Monday in class; we will then finish up discussion of Warren. Friday a complete introduction and outline for a body and conclusion on a paper about her article is due.

1.       Does your paper have an introductory paragraph?
2.       Does you introduction explain what you are going to do in the paper?
3.       Does your introductory paragraph culminate in a clear thesis, the conclusion that you will argue for?
4.       Do you explain all relevant arguments by Beckwith, in adequate detail?
a.       Arguments are always arguments for some conclusion, i.e., reasons given for some conclusion. So, do you explain:
                                                               i.      His argument that abortion is wrong?
                                                             ii.      His argument that Boonin’s argument is unsound, or Boonin’s position is false.?
                                                            iii.      Any other relevant arguments?
5.       Do you explain whether these various arguments are sound or not, i.e., whether Beckwith gives good reason to believe what he thinks we should believe?
6.       Is your paper well organized?
a.       Does each paragraph focus on only one topic?
b.      Could your paper be outlined to exhibit its structure?
c.       Does your paper have section headings to make the structure clear?
7.       Is your paper clearly written?
a.       Do you make your claims in the simplest, most concise manners possible?
b.      Are your sentences grammatically correct?
c.       Are there spelling errors?
8.       Would someone who was not familiar with the Beckwith article be able to understand your paper?
a.       Do you assume things that this reader would not understand?
9.       Does your paper have a concluding paragraph, that sums up what you have done in your paper?
10.   Did your paper go through multiple drafts and revisions, to improve it? Did you take advantage of reviewers’ comments?


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