Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing Assignment for Monday, September 26
Carefully read and study this short, 2 page article by Francis Beckwith on abortion, handed out in class and available here:
Other writings by this author on abortion are available at his webpage here, in case you would like to see his position and arguments developed in greater detail:
Then, carefully read and study this article on how to write a philosophy paper by Jim Pryor:
Then, write a paper about the Beckwith article.
This paper should conform to Pryor’s advice. It should:
1.       Have an introductory paragraph.
2.       Have a thesis.
3.       Explain Beckwith’s arguments.
4.       Offer criticisms and critiques of arguments: your objections and critiques or ones that could be raised by someone.
5.       A response to these criticisms and critiques: what might Beckwith say in response?
6.       A conclusion and concluding paragraph.
Due Monday, in class, in hardcopy but also sent via email to Professor Nobis by 8 AM that Monday:

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