Monday, November 9, 2009

Paper 2 assignment

Explain Regan's moral theory that he calls the "rights theory." This is a theory that ascribes moral rights to (some) humans and (some) animals. Explain what this theory is, what rights are, and so forth, in a manner that someone who has not read the book would understand.

Explain what practical consequences follow from Regan's rights theory, i.e., what should we do, if it is true?

Explain Regan's argument in favor of the rights theory. How does he support his theory? How does he argue that we should accept it?

Present three of what you think are the strongest and/or most important and/or interesting objections to Regan's rights theory and/or the arguments he gives in its favor. These objections can be from the Regan book, the Preface to the Case for Animal Rights book or the Cohen article. Objections from any other source must be approved by Dr. Nobis.

Bring 3 copies of your paper on Friday, November 20. We will plan to read three students' papers in class for feedback.

Final version due Monday, November 23.

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