Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tomorrow we will meet in the regular spot, our old classroom. With luck, we will watch Dr. Jenkin's video. Please make sure you have read the Pence chapter on Human Experimentation.

For Friday we will move on to animal experimentation. The first thing we will discuss is by Tom Regan called "Empty Cages: Animal Rights and Vivisection." It is attached, and I will give you a print out of it in class Wed. OPS writing assignment on it is due Friday as well.

Monday we will likely discuss Peter Singer's "All Animals Are Equal" chapter and "Tools for Research" from Writings on an Ethical Life. There is an OPS assignment on those due Monday. And I would like someone to present on these chapters -- i.e., give a very careful presentation of Singer's reasoning.

I will give you a writing assignment (paper 2) tomorrow as well on abortion, cloning and/or stem-cell researc

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