Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Paper 2

Due in 2 weeks, April 18, in class. No late papers accepted.

In the last few weeks we have discussed the ethics of reproductive cloning (Pence Ch. 7), experimentation on or with human embryos and stem cells (Pence Ch. 6) and abortion (Pence Ch. 4). In addition to Pence, we have read a number of more “primary source” readings on these topics that advocated for various conclusions and argued for them.

For this paper I want you to pick one of the issues above, develop a conclusion about the morality of one of these issues, and defend it. You must discuss at least five arguments for and/or against your conclusion: perhaps you would want to present one main argument in favor of your conclusion and critique four arguments given in response to your view, or four arguments that are objections to your view.

You must discuss at least two sources beyond Pence.

You should re-read the relevant sections of the book on writing philosophical papers and make sure you follow that guidance.

If you have any questions, ask Dr. Nobis.

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