Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For Friday we will continue our introductory discussion of the morality of various abortions. We will discuss many of the arguments from the assigned Singer selections. There was an OPS writing assignment on those that was due today.

I gave this handout:

And we looked at a few slides from this Powerpoint:

We will soon talk about Don Marquis's article "Why Abortion is Immoral" -- which will be presented by Lawrence Young -- and we will take a look at some published responses to that article as well. We will then read one of the most famous philosophical articles ever by Judith Thompson on abortion. We will conclude with Pence. That will all take about 3 to 5 classes, I suspect, after the break.

Our next topic will be human experimentation, which will be covered by Dr. Jenkins. We'll read the Pence chapter and he'll have some assigned readings for us. He will be in charge for about a week! :)

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